KDE and XRootConsole

Didier Verna didier at lrde.epita.fr
Tue Nov 25 18:23:58 GMT 2003

Waldo Bastian <bastian at kde.org> wrote:

> On Tue November 25 2003 15:04, Didier Verna wrote:
>>         Hi !
>> I just discovered that if I enable icons on the KDE desktop, my
>> xrootconsole output disapears. I reapears normally if I subsequently
>> disable the icons option.
>> Does somebody know why ?
> There is only one background and it doesn't work very well if two programs 
> both try to claim it.

        I don't quite understand what that means... but I see that enabling
icons on the desktop actually creates a "fake" root window named "KDE
Desktop", which explains the problem: xrootconsole creates a child of the root
window, and is in override_redirect mode, and calls XLowerWindow, which makes
it obscured by the KDE Desktop one[1].

        That design sounds strange to me. What's the reason for creating a new
fake root window instead of drawing the icons on the real root one ? Also, do
you know if the desktop reparents all direct children of the root window to
its KDE Desktop one ? If so, it should also do it for override_redirect ones.

> You can try if enabling the option "Allow programs in desktop window" helps.

        Nope. What does it do in actuality ?

Thanks for your quick answer.

BTW, I've also been faced with a bug: when I turn the desktop icons option on,
I get a desktop menubar even if that option is not checked. (Un)checking it
has no effect at all: the menubar is still there. That's on a debian unstable

kdesktop --version:
Qt: 3.2.1
KDE: 3.1.4
KDesktop: v1.9.8

[1]  I've tried removing the calls to XLowerWindow, and indeed, xrootconsole
appears normally. Only, on top of everything else :-)

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