Cookies and Konqueror

Laurent Rathle lrathle at
Mon Nov 24 16:49:03 GMT 2003

Le Lundi 24 Novembre 2003 17:16, Waldo Bastian a écrit :
> Does "dcop kded kcookiejar" work?

I get this :

dcop kded kcookiejar
QCStringList interfaces()
QCStringList functions()
QString findCookies(QString)
QString findCookies(QString,long int)
QStringList findDomains()
QStringList findCookies(QValueList<int>,QString,QString,QString,QString)
QString findDOMCookies(QString)
QString findDOMCookies(QString,long int)
void addCookies(QString,QCString,long int)
void deleteCookie(QString,QString,QString,QString)
void deleteCookiesFromDomain(QString)
void deleteSessionCookies(long int)
void deleteSessionCookiesFor(QString,long int)
void deleteAllCookies()
void addDOMCookies(QString,QCString,long int)
void setDomainAdvice(QString,QString)
QString getDomainAdvice(QString)
void reloadPolicy()
void shutdown()

> On which site do you experience problems?

On mailman list I manage and on a CMS I've installed on my machine, in the 
admin interface. Both work fine with Mozilla.

> Which version of KDE are you using?

3.1.3 on Mandrake 9.2

The strange thing is that it worked for a while.

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