kmail: imap using filter-rules

Gunnar Kloke g.kloke at
Fri Nov 14 08:27:36 GMT 2003

hello kde-users,

i want to filter my incoming emails of my imap-account. i have
configured my imap-account and an extra local mail account in
kmail (v. 1.5.3). now i configured some filter-rules, but the filter
rules don't take effect at my imap in-box. i allways have to press
"ctrl+j" to let the rule take effect, allthough i told the configuration
to set the rule also for incomming mails. ok, i think the problem
is that kmail thinks "incomming mail" is just the mail comming
local or with pop3 into the local mailbox, but my real "incomming
mail" is the mail comming into an imap folder.

is there any solution to let the rules take effect in an imap folder
to move some messages into a local folder?

you can see the problem more detailed at:
(sorry, it's kde-i18n-de ;-)).


gunnar kloke


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