ps and pdf files inside konqueror

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Fri Nov 14 01:03:22 GMT 2003

Mark Baily wrote:
> Hello, I was happily going aloing using my mandrake 9.2 box until one day I
> seem to have lost the ability to display ps and pdf files inside konqueror
> using kghostview as the embedded viewer.  It now comes up with a box saying
> what app do you want to view it in and if I say kghostview it launches a
> seperate kghostview window.
> I don't know what caused this...

KGhostView uses GhostScript to render the file -- it is just a front end 
for GhostScript.

So, it is possible that you changed your GhostScript installation.

But since it works when you call it explicitly, it is more likely that your 
file association is screwed up.

Right click a PS or PDF file and select: "Edit File Type".  Now under the: 
"Embedding" tab in the widget that pops up, you need to select: "Show file 
in embedded viewer" and have: "KGhostView" as the top Service in the: 
"Service Preference Order" window in the widget.

If it is properly configured and still doesn't work, then you have a more 
complicated problem, but you need to check the simple things first.


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