KDM from KDE3.2beta1

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Thu Nov 13 05:43:35 GMT 2003

Christian Herzyk wrote:
> Hello all,
> I just upgraded my KDE 3.2 alpha2 to beta1 on my Gentoo System (running KDE
> 3.1.4 for regular work).
> Now it seems that KDM was changed.
> Instead of the pulldown for selecting which desktop to use (including both
> KDE versions) I now get a
> to choose between KDE, failsave twm... But I cannot choose which KDE version
> so it always starts 3.2.
> My wife would prefer a localized 3.1.4 instead and so would I for some
> productive work.
> So my question: Will this change back or is there a way of adding items to
> that menu?
> As an interim solution I thought about hardcoding the kdem from 3.1 into my
> init file for X. Is this a way to go?

Having this work is a two part thing.

You can add anything that you want to the: "Session Types" list.  Just open 
in the Control Center: "System Administration => Login Manager".  You need 
to give KDESU the root password -- click the: "Administrator Mode" button 
to do this.  Then go to the: "Sessions" tab and you can edit the list which 
is in the lower right quadrant of the widget.

Now for these to work, your: "Xsession" script must make something out of 
them.  How it does this is very distro dependent.

I don't know how Gentoo does this but I somehow get the impression that you 
have never edited your: "Xsession" script.  So I am puzzled. :-|

The only thing I can tell you that isn't distro dependent is that after you 
login that KDM calls:

	Xsession <session type>

where 'session type' is the string that you selected in the login widget 
(e.g. "kde").

This is passed to the script as $1 and it (the script) needs to take that 
and call the appropriate script or command.  My system has a 'case' 
structure at the end of the: "Xsession" script.  Yours must be different.

You can find some outdated help with this by entering the URL: "help:/kdm" 
in Konqueror.


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