How do I define new file types

Parzival parz at
Tue Nov 11 23:28:25 GMT 2003

I have files <basename>.icn, which are for the Unicon programming language.
I have prepared Kate syntax highlighting definition, which among other things 
specifies that the highlighting is to occur for mime type "text/x-unicon". 
However I don't know any way to get KDE to create or recognize  such a mime 

Similarly, I have a constuction tool SCons, like make, which uses
textual specifications conventionally stored in files named "SConstruct".
("Sconstruct" is to SCons as "Makefile" is to make). 

I would like to associate this file name with a new mime type, and then be 
able to define a syntax highlighting specification for it as well as other 
KDE type-dependent actions, which is chosen on the basis of the mime type.

How can I do this?

(I would just like to anticipate any objection that say, "text/x-unicon" is 
not an "official" mime type: I have just checked the IANA mime type list, and 
most of the mime-types associated with programming lanuage source code in 
Kate highilghting system have mime types that are not on the IANA list.)

-- Parzival
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