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Tue Nov 11 22:16:19 GMT 2003

Le Tuesday 11 November 2003 21:21, Waldo Bastian a écrit :
> On Tue November 11 2003 14:05, David Corbin wrote:
> > > Where to set up %u ?
> >
> > Control Center/Kde Components/File Associations/text/html
> >
> > Although I find this an incredibly BAD place.  There ought to be
> > somewhere that says, what program do use to process HTTP protocol,
> > without regard to what the file type is.
> Yes, I fully agree.
> Cheers,
> Waldo

Bad idea !

HTTP can send anything (images, sound, text, html,...)
What should Konqueror do if we click on a url like this ? Should he try do display it internally ?

Internet Explorer do this and when it can't display the .gif image it try to 
found html on it. That's the way a famous "virus" make a DoS on the microsoft 
servers using vbscript in a gif (emma.gif or a similar name).

I don't want to see that in KDE :(
Perhaps I am wrong but I can't imagine the way you can do protocol/application  

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