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Konstantinos Georgokitsos kgeorgokitsos at
Thu Nov 6 11:50:52 GMT 2003

My KMail stopped sending yesterday (it still keeps on receiving). I am 
unable to answer David Corbin's mail as I am writing from Mozilla now 
(only sending).
Below is the mail I sent to the kde-suse list this morning:
Dear List,

I am not able to send mails with KMail anymore (I am writing this with
mozilla). Receiving works ok. I get an error from the mail server that:
"No valid recipients specified"
I am sure that the addresses are correct. I used reply to addressees I
had used before.

I am using SuSE 8.1 and KDE 3.1.3. I am the one who killed his KDE a few
mails ago, It's working again- I had to disable socks in KDE - , but I
don't think the mail-send problem now has to do with this, as KMail is
actually talking to the server. How can I see what KMail actually sends
to the server?


I since have etherealed the conversation to my server and have found the 
following (I am no SMTP expert though):
The connections seems to get established correctly and the first smtp 
gets accepted (with my e-mail address) by the server. Then however 
follows an absolutely empty DATA (the smtp command) package, to which 
the server answers, that no correct recipient is provided and the 
connection is closed down (orderly with smtp closing the channel and TCP 
FIN, ACK packages following.

As far as my poor memory goes I remember that after the FROM: command 
thaere has to be a TO: command before the client can send the content (I 
assume the DATA) of the message.

Seems that there is something terribly wrong with my KMail. Any ideas what?


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