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Werner Scharinger wsch at
Tue Nov 4 20:22:36 GMT 2003

Hi David,

Am Mittwoch, 29. Oktober 2003 18:08 schrieb David Corbin:
> I frequently find that KMail shows me messages in the message list colored
> blue.  These are all messages that I've already read (usually with another
> client - I'm using IMAP).
> Why does it show them into me blue instead of black(read) and can I change
> this so that it KNOWS their read.

I think, you can tell KMail this in the option-menue. There you can choose the
colors of the different types of mails and in one of the sub-menues (it's 
"Ordner" in my german KMail an I think it should be named "folder" in the 
english version) you can trigger, in how many seconds the mails are marked 
as read (blue) automaticaly from KMail. I think, the default item is 
0 seconds, so KMail will mark messages immediately as read (blue) when 
you change folders or fetch new mails.

My KMail shows me new Mails in red. When I left the infolder and reenter it
(or when I fetch new mails from the server) then my unread messages are 
colored in blue and the newer one's are in red. The messages I'v touched are 
colored in black. I find this very helpfull.


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