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Salut Jim and James,
On Mon, 3 Nov 2003, James Richard Tyrer wrote:
> Jim Bailey wrote:
> > Is there anything special I need to do to switch from a dial-up ISP to DSL?
> >
> > Since I made the change, I have a problem connecting to various sites.
> >
> > No matter which site, it's always a timeout on server at port 443
i.e. https

that depends on your Linux-version. But my question is, if your DSL-Modem
is connected directly to your computer, or if you use a router or other
computer to do the DSL thing.
With DSL you have to keep in mind, that your packages must fit into the
other packages, that are send over the Ethernet (PPPoE). So normally you
will not get problems, if you use the machine, where DSL is directly
connected. But on machines behind it, you need to have the right
firewalling rules to configure the path-mtu.
So that you have problems with port 443 seems to me, is only, that it uses
full-packages, not half empty ones. I had problems with ftp (e.g. with the
dir-command) before I fixed my configuration.

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