konqueror design

imr free.imr at free.fr
Sat Nov 1 16:45:57 GMT 2003

On Friday 31 October 2003 20:44, Nikos Kanellopoulos wrote:
a good starting point, maybe (?):
It does the same but for music, it indexes tags and infos but in text files 
and it uses konqueror but as a plugin (easier road to start with?).
> Hi there.
> I am interested in writing an application to
> manage my digital photo collection.
> I use postgresql as my RDBMS to store various data
> about the photos, along with thumbnails.
> I want to use something like the konqueror iconview
> mode to show the thumbnails and the relevant data.
> So, I think konqueror source code would be a great example.
> But konqueror does a lot more than that. So, could
> somebody tell me which are the basic source files I
> should study, and IN WHAT ORDER?
> Thanks a lot.

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