KDE 3.1.1 problems?

Colin J Thomson colin at g6avk.demon.co.uk
Sun Mar 30 02:15:56 BST 2003

Hi group

I am new to this list and I have just grabbed KDE 3.1.1 and very much like the 
improvements over 3.0 :) 
A few options I used to use in 3.0 do not seem to work or are not available in 
3.1.1 and I wonder if any of you can check a couple of things for me on your 
systems.. or perhaps have noticed this,

1. Right click on the K button, choose Panel Menu, then Configure Panel. This 
for me does not seem to work now. The only way I can set/change, for example 
the "most recent" or "most often" used apps is via the Kickerrc file.. I 
notice that I can get to the Config panel from the Control Center but the 
otptions I mentioned above are not there and there is only one Icon in the 
sidebar and only one tab on the screen,

2. Right click on one of the "virtual desktop" Icons and select configure 
Virtual Desktops, this also does not work for me.. To be honest this one I 
have never used before so I am not to sure what it should do, I am still 
exploring KDE..

3. Moving Icons around the Desktop and copying files/folders between drives 
will almost everytime lock the machine, and the only way out is a hard 
Reset.. The machine locks as in I can not change consoles, GUI to CLI, and 
nothing is available on the Desktop.. 

**Please Note** I fixed this problem, I disabled the "RenderAccel" option in 
my XFconfig and that solved this.. I guess this is a problem with the NVidia 
drivers and KDE 3.1.1

There seems to be a few other things/tabs missing in other Utils and this has 
got me puzzled,
System here is Redhat 8 Latest kernel, I Updated using the RPM's from the KDE 
FTP site, not the source rpms,

Any info or advice would be most welcome, I have tested this all week with 
various setups with the same results.. I wonder if it could be the RPM's?

The manual said "Requires WinBlows '95 or better" ...so I installed Linux!

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