Memory leaks?

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Sat Mar 29 04:38:15 GMT 2003

Michael D Green wrote:
> It appears as if some software I use routinely has a memory leak. And that my 
> system does not clean up the resultant garbage.
> I'm running KDE 3.0.5 with SuSE 8.0. 
> KDE System Guard shows that over a period of an hour or so (perhaps much less) 
> after startup the physical memory usage increases to very near the maximum 
> available (384 MB) and swap memory starts to be used. With time the amount of 
> swap memory being used increases, but never seems to decrease. And the 
> physical memory stays near saturation. It will decrease a little when I shut 
> down an application. But there seems to be some overall rachetting, which 
> makes me think there is a memory leak somewhere.
> I normally keep the Mozilla (1.3) mail client, KMail, KArm, Opera, KDE System 
> Guard, Konsole, and Konqueror open constantly, and frequently also have Kate 
> and/or Quanta Plus open. I am also running Klipper, KDiskFree, KMix, KDE 
> Keyboard Tool, and the Clock in the "tray."
> That there would be a memory leak in some package is not amazing. I expect 
> that with time the developers will correct these.
> What I would like to be able to do is free up the memory that is not being 
> used (physical and swap). I suspect there is a way to do this that is easier 
> than rebooting the machine. Perhaps there is even an application which can do 
> it for me. 
> Pointers will be appreciated.

Don't you have KDE System Guard set up to show: Application, Buffered, and Cache in different 
colors?  If so, you can see what is happening: the amount of memory used for Cache is what keeps 
increasing.  If you had a memory leak then the amount of Application memory would increase.


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