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On Wed, 26 Mar 2003 19:42, Philippe Hemmel wrote:
Hi Philippe

As a newbie browsing this forum I am always greatful to see such a detailed 
reply and immediately step up to try these myself.

First: What does it mean when doing the "render" thing the return is 2.

Second: I am using mdk9 and mozilla myself.



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Every challenges, Big or small, requires commitment to resolve.

" That's a long story !
" Check this list (I have  mdk 9.0 distro, so some of these advices may be
" adapted regarding of your distro).
" Your graphic must have the RENDER option. Check that 'xdpyinfo | grep -c -i
 - " render' return 1
" The fonts directories have to be in the fs (Font Server) config file (for
 me " in etc/X11/fs/config).
" If you're not using xft2 (as mdk 9.0, but RH 8 uses xft2), the xft config
 file " has to list the directories of type 1 (postscript) fonts and true
 type (ttf) " fonts (/etc/X11/XftConfig).
" The font anti aliasing must be On in KDE ! Check in the control centre,
 look n " feel / fonts, there is a box for this option.
" Check the version of your freetype2 library : the common 2.0.9 version is
 not " so good, replace it by the 2.1.3, so much better.
" Try a ttf font instead of a bitmap font for the KDE objects (still in look
 n " feel / fonts). The Luxi family is good, and the standard MS fonts even "
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