midi problem!!!

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Fri Mar 21 07:41:02 GMT 2003

Farhan Ali wrote:
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> hi all
> i have been using linux with kde 3.0 from the last 4 months now. the distro is 
> mandrake 9.0. only resently i discovered that the midi was not working 
> properly.
> i tried to check what the problem is but couldnt find anything. sound is using 
> "arts". my sound card is creative vibra 128 but mandrake recognised it as 
> ensoniq 1371.
> please help

First, sound does not use aRts.  The OS uses one of two sound systems OSS or ALSA

What do you mean when you say that MIDI is not working properly?

If you mean that you can NOT play MIDI files with your sound card, that is correct, you can NOT 
play MIDI files with our sound card because it does NOT have a hardware synthesizer.

?? "but mandrake recognized it as ensoniq 1371".  The drivers are for sound CHIPS not for sound 
cards.  Your sound chip is an ensoniq 1371.

If you want to play MIDI files, you will have to use suitable software.


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