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Ladislav Strojil Ladislav.Strojil at
Sun Mar 16 11:41:25 GMT 2003

On Sunday 16 of March 2003 05:45, David Findlay wrote:
> > something similar was recently discussed on kde-devel.
> > Michael Schuerig suggested to try and rebuild font-cache with "fc-cache"
> > (as root).
> Still seems to be doing the same thing. Another symptom is that the splash
> screen at KDE startup doesn't appear till 20 seconds after login. It used
> to be almost instant. Even displaying the KDM background is slow, even
> though KDM is pretty fast itself. Thanks,

These symptoms are very similar to what Pavel Troller described on kde-devel. 
but you won't find more than I already wrote.

Can't help you more, sorry.


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