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gabriel the.angel.gabriel at rogers.com
Thu Mar 13 20:16:10 GMT 2003

On March 13, 2003 02:12 pm, Richard Sumilang wrote:
> I new to this whole KDE thing and just installed a fresh copy of Red
> Hat Linux 7.3 with KDE 3. Is there a good FTP program that it comes
> with? I browser the KMenu and didn't find a FTP client at first glance?
> Any recommendations on any?

that's what's so cool about kde.  "konqueror" the web browser is an everything 

  web browser
  file brower/manager
  ftp client
  ssh file browser (kde 3.1+ or with the "fish" plugin)

so if you want, you can take your home directory, split the window left & 
right, and drag your files from your home directory to the ftp server and 

also note that this integration isn't restricted to konqueor.  "kate" a text 
editor will also allow you to edit files directly over ftp or ssh (with fish 
or kde 3.1+).  there may be others, but i don't know how many or what their 
names are.

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