KDE Init

Waldo Bastian bastian at kde.org
Thu Mar 13 17:38:08 GMT 2003

On Thursday 13 March 2003 16:52, Edson Manners wrote:
> What do the kde init files do? when I run top I have a bunch of these files
> and they are using most of my memory.

kdeinit uses a special way of loading applications to make them load faster 
and let them take up less memory. The downside of this is that they appear in 
top as "kdeinit". If you run a command such as "ps -aux" you will see the 
name of the actual application behind "kdeinit:".

You may want to consider using Ctrl-ESC instead of top. It will show the name 
of the actual application instead of kdeinit in these cases.

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