Can I run a second KDE session, as different user?

Tako Schotanus quintesse at
Wed Mar 12 00:00:33 GMT 2003

I'm having the same problem as Steve and I don't have a devfsd.conf file
on my system.

Any other ideas anyone?


On Tue, 2003-03-11 at 23:47, George Mochrie wrote:

> On Tuesday 11 March 2003 10:38 pm, Steve King wrote:
> > On Tuesday 11 March 2003 6:55 pm, Basil Fowler wrote:
> > > Keen readers will have noticed that the /dev/dsp0 file is world readable
> > > and writeable.   This is an accident and the permissions should be 660.
> >
> > That does work up to a point. When I first log in (as "steve" or as
> > "root"), /dev/dsp0 is crw------- belonging to root/root. So I logged in as
> > root and set /dev/dsp0 to crw-rw---- belonging to root/audio, and sound was
> > available to all. But when I exit the root login, the permissions
> > immediately revert to crw------- and root/root. Any idea how I can make the
> > permissions change stick (this is a desktop machine that is frequently
> > stopped and started)?
> Sounds like you may be using devfs, in which case you will need to edit your 
> /etc/devfsd.conf file. I have the lines:
> REGISTER        snd/.*          PERMISSIONS      0770
> in mine, something like that should work, assuming you also use ALSA.
> Hope this helps,

Tako Schotanus <quintesse at>
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