startkde hang - initializing system services

Acheron acheron at
Mon Mar 10 02:36:37 GMT 2003

On Sat, 8 Mar 2003, Steve  King sayeth:

> On Saturday 08 March 2003 3:02 pm, Acheron wrote:
> > On first startup, I get the region, theme, graphic setting box.  That's
> > fine.  Then the splash screen pops up.  Gets past setting up IPC, but
> > chokes on 'Initializing System Services'.
> The only time I've had anything like that happen, it was because I had set up
> some over-strict firewall rules in iptables. I had forgotten to allow the
> loopback thing to use IP. That is used by something in the KDE desktop (I'm
> no expert), and KDE start up "jammed" at Initializing System Services, just
> as you describe. I never had the patience to wait and see what happened next.
> Amending my firewall rules to allow loopback traffic did the trick.  I cannot
> exactly remember the IP address of the loopback - is it maybe?
> May or may not be what is happening to you.
> Steve

Thanks, but I already had iptables configured wide-open for the loopback
interface.  I flushed all the rules and reset the defaults to allow, but
no change.

I've gone through a couple of recompiles since, frustratingly with no
change.  The .deb packages are not really an option, for many different
reasons, so it's source or nothing, sadly.

The only warning I noticed consistently during compiles, was about (req'd by DCOP, I believe) conflicting with
Might this be the source of my problems?  It should be easy enough to fix
with a flag to the configure script, I imagine, but I didn't notice until
this last time.

Any other ideas?  I'm itching to try this stuff out....  :(

ACHERON	 acheron at

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