3.1 Konsole font problem

Jeff Elkins jeffelkins at earthlink.net
Sat Mar 8 16:26:05 GMT 2003

On Saturday 08 March 2003 8:27 pm, Philip Scott wrote:
>Heya, I'm no expert, but I would guess this is because you're trying to use
>non-fixed width fonts in konsole. Konsole has to have a fixed charachter
>width to render e.g. text based dialog boxes and properly formatted text -
> if the font you're using doesn't have a fixed width, it makes the default
> width the width of the widest charachter and then fits the other
> charachters into this. The solution is simply to use fixed width fonts such
> as courier, or (my personal favourite) 'lucidia console'. Again, I must
> stress this is just an educated guess :)

Thanks for the reply Phillip. 

You're partially right, in that konsole was attempting to use incorrect fonts, 
but the problem was not user-induced :)

The symptom is that the  's c r e w e d  u p  t e x t' occurs no matter _what_ 
font the end user selects. Alan Chandler has done some great work in tracking 
down the source of this irritating bug. 

Read: http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=52538

Jeff Elkins
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