Off List Submission - Kicker/Virtual Room Problem

Dave Richards drichard at
Mon Mar 3 17:20:40 GMT 2003

	We are doing some testing of KDE 3.1 running on RedHat 8.0 to our thin
clients.  It's working really well, and looks *great*!

	I have been unable to get one thing working.  What we normally do is
move the applnk directory and install our own.  We use this to launch
all of the software used within the City of Largo.  Everything is
working expect for the ability to configure the virtual rooms.

	If you right mouse on the virutal rooms in kicker, and then select
"Configure Virtual Desktops.." nothing happens.  When I run it from the
command line I get this

kio (KLauncher): KLauncher: Got start_service_by_desktop_name('desktop',

	This doesn't seem to be an error message, but nothing ever comes up.

	Is there something that needs to go into the applnk directory structure
itself to activate this feature?  Is there a way to activate that
application by creating a .desktop file?

	I'm not on this list, if anyone has some information feel free to
respond directly to me.


Dave Richards
City of Largo, Florida
Systems Administrator

Dave Richards <drichard at>

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