Connecting to Win Terminal Services with krfb. How?

Silviu Marin-Caea silviu at
Thu Jun 19 12:23:45 BST 2003

Nick THOMPSON wrote:
> krfb uses the VNC protocol for desktop sharing.

Then why does it say, black on white "All VNC or RDP compatible servers 
will be supported"?

How is RDP supported?

I know about VNC, I know about rdesktop, nevertheless, I wanted to find 
an answer regarding krfb and RDP.

It's a question I raised on another list, and people there didn't know, 
so I want to post there a summary in the end.

Also I didn't want to write an user question directly to the krfb 
author/maintainer.  If there isn't anyone on this list who can clarify 
the issue, I promise to post the summary here too, maybe it will be 
useful to some people.

Please CC my address in your replies.

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