kdm locale problem

LeVA leva at ecentrum.hu
Sun Jun 15 09:25:50 BST 2003


James Richard Tyrer wrote:
> Most probable:  When you start using KDM your start up files 'profile' 
> &/| ".bash_profile" are not being run.
> For them to run, you need for the: "Xsession" script to be a login script.
> To do this, simply change the first line of: "Xsession" to:
>     #!/bin/bash --login
> NOTE: the source code has a script:
>     $KDEDIR/share/config/Xsession
> that sources the systems: Xsession.
> If that is the case, it is: $KDEDIR/share/config/Xsession that needs to 
> be edited.

Thanks! But I got a lot responses with that solution already. I replied 
to those with another problem. It is ok now, the localisation works. I 
put the LANG=hu_HU in my Xsession file. But know I lost my hungarian 
letters ("é" "á" ...etc). In the desktop instead of these letters, there 
are white blocks in the file names, and in Konsole I can not type those 
letters. Any idea why?

Daniel Levai


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