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Luciano Moreira - igLnx lucianolnx at ig.com.br
Fri Jun 13 18:04:39 BST 2003

RedHat, so others distribution, have a file at "/etc/sysconfig/desktop", 
when you can write environment variables setting parameters do X script 
that trigger the Graphical Mananger (KDM, GDM, XDM, etc). But it doesn't 
work well in RedHat 8.0, RedHat 9.0 and Mandrake 9.1 !!!

So, I suggest you to change the script: /etc/X11/prefdm, setting the 
variable "preferred" to "KDM", before the calling instruction at end of 
script. If you have problems to do it, requesting us to send you the 
necessary changes.

Good luck,


Leonardo Rodríguez wrote:

>Hi List,
>Since I decided to switch to RedHat 9.0 I haven't could find the way that
>my KDE login manager appears.
>I had it up when I used RedHat 7.3 so I could put the user's photos and
>many more things on it.
>It seems to me that I have the GNOME login manager running up instead.
>How can I set up the KDE login manager in order to be able to see the
>user's photos?
>I have gone to Control Center -----> System Administration ----> Login
>Manager and I have made the changes
>but when I reboot the machine and the login manager appears I can't see any
>change I did before.
>Remember I'm using RedHat 9.0.
>If you have any clue that can help me I will appreciate it
>Thanks in advance
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