Drag and Drop contextual menu

Jason Slaughter jason at slaughter.com
Thu Jun 12 15:24:45 BST 2003


I've been running KDE for a while, and it's great, but the contextual menu
that appears whenever I drag and drop is getting really annoying. It's at
it's worst in KMail where I can't drag and drop messages to a new folder
without holding down a modifier key or selecting a value from a menu.

I investigated how to turn this functionality off, but didn't get far. I
did notice that this behaviour is suggested in the KDE human interface

"A drop causes a popup menu to appear that offers possible actions.
Typical actions are: Move, Copy and Link. [...] There should also be a
popup menu if there is only one action (other than Cancel) possible.
Actions that aren't possible should not appear in the menu."

So it looks like this feature is here to stay. My question remains: how do
I turn it off? I can't seem to find an option to shut it off anywhere in
the Control Centre. If there is no option, what do I need to change in the
source to disable it (Konq/Kmail)? This has got to be the single most
annoying 'feature' I have ever encountered! :)

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