copy target file from a symbolic link

Andrew Wendt awendt at
Thu Jun 5 23:06:47 BST 2003

On Thursday 05 June 2003 11:09, Martin Koller wrote:
> is it possible using konqueror when selecting a symbolic link to copy the
> target file (the link points to) into the destination (e.g. using
> drag&drop) instead of copying the link itself ?

I don't know. Konq seems to always copy local symlinks as symlinks but for 
remote symlinks it copies the pointed-to file. Perhaps you could 
sftp://localhost and copy them that way? :-)

I had the opposite problem a month or two ago, and posted a message here. I 
wanted to copy remote symlinks as links. Nobody responded that I noticed 

It would be nice if you could select one behaviour or the other independent of 
the file being local or remote, maybe by holding down a modifier key when you 
drag. :-)

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