Arts Building Error

Adnan ahmad Siddiqi adnan.siddiqi at
Thu Jun 5 14:50:30 BST 2003


I am using redhat8, I want to Upgrade Kde3.1 ,a/c to Instructions in Doc i tried to install arts 1.1.2 first
configure went well but during make i got the following errors:

.libs/qiomanager.o: In function `__static_initialization_and_destruction_0(int, int)':
.libs/qiomanager.o(.text+0x1127): undefined reference to `QMetaObjectCleanUp::QMetaObjectCleanUp[in-charge](char const*, QMetaObject* (*)())'
.libs/qiomanager.o(.text+0x115d): undefined reference to `QMetaObjectCleanUp::QMetaObjectCleanUp[in-charge](char const*, QMetaObject* (*)())'

-how it could be fixed,I am using gcc 3.2
is it necessary to install Arts or i could install kdelibs and kdebase indepdantnly



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