retrieving graphics from Konqueror cache

Ingo Klöcker kloecker at
Fri Jan 24 09:00:08 GMT 2003

Jerome Yuzyk wrote:
> I am trying to retrieve some images (JPGs) from my Konqueror cache.
> But, even though they appear to be non-empty they do not display in
> any of my image viewers. Are these files real images? How can I make
> them usable?

All cached files contain information about the source of this file and 
some more information at the start of the file. The actual data follows 
after this information. Therefore your image viewers can't display the 
jpgs. If you remove the information at the begin of the file then you 
will get viewable jpgs.

I could remove the information from a cached jpg by running the 
following command:
cat .kde/share/apps/kio_http/cache/a/<name of cached jpg> | sed -n 
'/^image\/jpeg$/,$p' | sed -n '3,$p' >test.jpg

For other cached files the "image\/jpeg" has to be replaced with the 
appropriate mime type of this file. Looking at the file with khexedit 
should help.


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