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Wed Jan 15 13:23:06 GMT 2003

David Rosenstrauch wrote:
> On Tuesday 14 January 2003 04:46 pm, Alfred Poschmann wrote:
>> Hi,
>> is there a way to configure kmails messagelist? I would like to see
>> unread
>> (new and/or unread)  messages in bold instead of colored, just the
>> way it is in the folders list. I know where to set the colors, but I
>> want all headers black, just the new ones bold. Do I need to dig the
>> sources (but where?) or is there somewhere a (hidden) way to
>> configure this behaviour?

You will have to change this in the source (you probably will have to 
change paintCell in kmheaders.cpp. Around line 337 add the lines which 
are marked with a '+':

      case KMMsgStatusNew:
        color = (QColor*)(&headers->paintInfo()->colNew);
+       QFont f = p->font();
+       f.setWeight(QFont::Bold);
+       p->setFont(f);
      case KMMsgStatusUnread:
        color = (QColor*)(&headers->paintInfo()->colUnread);
+       QFont f = p->font();
+       f.setWeight(QFont::Bold);
+       p->setFont(f);

As the font for the Date column is set after the switch statement you 
will have to move the following two lines before the switch statement:
    if( column == headers->paintInfo()->dateCol )

I haven't tested this. So it might not work.

Hint: If you submit a wish for this via it might be made 
configurable in a future version.

>> Also, the messages list has those grey lines for dividing different
>> messages (each second mail has a grey background). How can I disable
>> this?
> * run kcontrol (KDE Control Center)
> * Look & Feel -> Colors
> * In the "Widget Color" section, pull down the pull-down that says
> "Standard Background", and select "Alternate Background in lists"
> * set the color for the alternate background to be the same as the
> standard background

FYI, in KDE 3.1 this color can be changed directly in KMail.


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