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Ingo Klöcker kloecker at
Wed Jan 15 13:27:42 GMT 2003

gabor wrote:
> when i delete a mail in kde, it moves it to the trash folder.
> but i don't want that.
> i want to have the mail tagged 'deleted' as evolution mozilla-mail or
> outlook does...
> why?
> because:
> 1. i got used to that mode
> 2. i use imap and it eats a lot of time while he's moving the mails
> from the folder into the trash folder
> any ideas how to achieve that?

You can specify a trash folder on your IMAP server. Then moving messages 
to the trash folder should be fast.

In KDE 3.1 you can irrevocably delete messages without moving them to 
the trash folder.

If you have a wish then use to let us know. But please make 
sure that you don't submit a duplicate wish.


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