access to the root window (e.g. xearth)

Christian Herzyk christian at
Wed Jan 15 11:01:56 GMT 2003

Hi Dan,

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> Dan Langille
> I've been trying to get xearth to work on the root window with KDE.
> I've failed.  "xearth -noroot" works, but isn't what I want as that
> creates a separate window.  I'm trying to get xearth to appear in the
> background. Clues please?
> This post seems to indicate such things will not work with KDE, but
> it's dated early 2001.
No real change here, as of 3.0.5 at least. The only way I know of (and use
for root-tail) is to kill kdesktop.
I can live with the downside of not having desktop icons. Unfortunately the
Alt+F2 combo is part of kdesktop and I use that a lot.


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