Keyboard layout settings have changed?

Nathan Gaylinn nathang at
Sun Jan 12 07:12:39 GMT 2003

I've just recently installed Slackware 8.1, complete with KDE 3.0.1. Before 
this install, I was using KDE 2.2 and was quite satisfied with the standard 
keyboard swapping tool, using it to type in Spanish when necessasary. 
However, I'm having a terrible time trying to get the same functionality with 
KDE3. I have KDE3's keyboard layout set up precisely as it was before, and 
the dead keys associated with the Spanish layout seem to be working, but 
whereas with KDE2 I could use alternate characters in almost all of my 
software, it seems that almost none of my software recognizes them now. When 
I type a deadkey combination (ie. ' + a = รก) most of my programs produce 
absolutely nothing. When I use native KDE software, such as KMail or KWord, 
these combos work just as they should, but other programs that used to work 
perfectly now give me absolutely nothing. What's wrong?
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