Kmail 1.4.3 using KDE 3.0.5a on Debian Woody

Andy Firman aflist at
Fri Jan 10 17:13:07 GMT 2003

> On SuSE a similar problem was caused by a wrong version of Qt. Try
> upgrading/downgrading to another Qt version.

Okay, I installed the qt3-tools package (2:3.0.5-4)
and the same thing happens.  When I click to "send" or when
I click to "reply" "reply-all" or "forward" Kmail closes.

So I uninstalled the qt3-tools package and installed
qt-designer (3:2.3.1-22) and the same thing is happening.

I don't see anything else with QT in a package that I can try.

What else should I try?
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