How to convert Noatun xml playlist to m3u format?

cryptopia cryptopia at
Wed Jan 8 02:01:54 GMT 2003

On Tuesday 07 January 2003 05:32 pm, David Rosenstrauch wrote:
> I've built up a big playlist which Noatun is storing in its standard XML
> format.  But now I want to switch to XMMS, and want to have XMMS import my
> Noatun playlist.
> But the playlist is in XML format, which XMMS doesn't support, and I
> couldn't find any conversion utility.  Anyone have any ideas?

Here is a fast and loose script to try...


cat $NOATUN \
	|sed 's/^ //' \
	|sed 's/^<ite[a-zA-Z0-9=" ].*file://g' \
	|sed 's/" enab[a-zA-Z0-9=" ].*\/>//g' \
	|sed 's/<playlist[a-zA-Z0-9=" ].*>//' \
	|sed 's/<\/playlist>//' \
	|sed 's/<!DOCTYPE XMLPlaylist>//'

invoke it as...

scriptname noatunlist > newlist.m3u

It worked on the lists I tried it on.

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