Controlling changes to user settings

Lee W lists at
Sun Jan 5 17:52:44 GMT 2003

On Sun, 2003-01-05 at 04:38, James Richard Tyrer wrote:

> If the files and directories you want to control are owned by
'root:root', you can prevent the 
> user from writing to them.
> In a directory, no write permission means that the user account can
NOT add or delete files.
> If a configuration or: "*.desktop" file is root:root:644, the user can
use the file but can NOT 
> modify it.

I originally considered this idea however researching on my own box at
home I found that even if a file is owned/group root.root in the users
home directory if I gave the user read or execute access they were able
to rename the file.  

As an example, consider I created a .kde directory with the users
"mandatory" settings, there is nothing (as far as I can see) to
prevent the user from renaming this to "kde.old" therefore when the user
next logs in kde recreates the directory but with the users own
permissions therefore they can change the settings at will.

I also tried using symlinks but that has the same problem.

As always with Linux I am sure there is a way around this problem I just
cannot figure it out.

Thanks again for everyones input.


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