One big problem.

Seth Rothberg sethmr at
Wed Jan 1 15:38:13 GMT 2003


A few weeks ago I replaced my RedHat 7.2  with Gentoo 1.4_rc1. As I'd been 
using kde 3.1_rc5 with no trouble on RedHat I decided to emerge it in my 
Gentoo setup also. Everything compiled nicely and I had a familiar and, I 
thought, slightly faster desktop. 

Except for one big problem. If I launch the file manager, then close it, the 
next time I try to launch it it takes forever, or as good as, to load. Quanta 
also takes forever to load if I've launched and subsequently closed the file 
manager, as do file open and file save dialogs. In addition, sending a 
message in kmail takes a good long time also. 

If I try to fix things by logging out and starting X again the kde splash 
screen appears but hangs at "Initializing System Services." When I 
ctrl-alt-backspace to get back to the console one of the messages I see is, 
"Could not start Kdeinit. Check your installation." A reboot is the only way 
I know to get back into kde.

I've checked the mailing lists for similar problems and the only one that 
comes close is the business about /etc/hosts. And, so far as I know, my hosts 
file is correct:       localhost localhost.localdomain ring         ring        thumb        index

Wondering what's up here. Any help will be greatly appreciated. 

Happy New Years,


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