kdmrc - Greeter config for a specific Display

Johnny Ernst Nielsen johnny.ernst.nielsen at get2net.dk
Fri Feb 28 10:53:43 GMT 2003

Good day Birgit,
Fredag den 28. februar 2003 09:59 kvad Birgit Ohlenbusch:
>   I would like to configure kdm for a remote Display (a
> X-Terminal), so that there will be a specific Greeter
> confifiguration for that display. I defined a Greeter Section for
> that display, but the individuell configurations are not
> performded. For that I included a line like
> [X-myhost-Greeter]
> in the file /etc/opt/kde3/share/config/kdm/kdmrc followed with
> appropriate configuration entries. It has no effect.
> Any ideas?

I found this in /opt/kde3/share/config/kdm/kdmrc:

# You can configure every X-display individually.
# Every display has a display name, which consists of a host name
# (which is empty for local displays specified in the Xservers file),
# a colon and a display number. Additionally, a display belongs to a
# display class (which can be ignored in most cases; the control 
# does not support this feature at all).
# Sections with display-specific settings have the formal syntax
# "[X-" host [":" number [ "_" class ]] "-" sub-section "]"
# You can use the "*" wildcard for host, number and class. You may 
# trailing components; they are assumed to be "*" then.
# The host part may be a domain specification like 
# From which section a setting is actually taken is determined by 
# rules:
# - an exact match takes precedence over a partial match (for the host 
#   which in turn takes precedence over a wildcard
# - precedence decreases from left to right for equally exact matches
# Example: display name "myhost:0", class "dpy".
# [X-myhost:0_dpy] precedes
# [X-myhost:0_*] (same as [X-myhost:0]) precedes
# [X-myhost:*_dpy] precedes
# [X-myhost:*_*] (same as [X-myhost]) precedes
# [X-*:0_dpy] precedes
# [X-*:0_*] (same as [X-*:0]) precedes
# [X-*:*_*] (same as [X-*])
# These sections do NOT match this display:
# [X-hishost], [X-myhost:0_dec], [X-*:1], [X-:*]
# If a setting is not found in any matching section, the default is 

I hope that gives you a clue.

Best regards :o)

Johnny :o)
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