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Fri Feb 28 08:13:30 GMT 2003

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On Friday 28 February 2003 01:50, Derek Fountain wrote:
> > I have this thing called KBearSiteManagerDaemon running down in my system
> > tray that I can't get rid of. Even after I tell it quit, it comes back in
> > a few seconds. I don't know what's starting it in the first place, and
> > can't find any config options
> Make sure you relay any private answers to the list! I've been wondering
> that for ages. KBear is a very poor FTP client, IMO, and I hate having it
> shoved at me everytime I start Konqueror. I think it's a SuSE tweak...

Right after sending the first message I found that it does indeed have 
something to do with Konqueror.

And now I have at least figured out how to get the little icon to go away (I 
don't know if there's still something running in the packground or not)

There is a menu "Stiemanager" (Like File Edit ... etc)
Chose it, click KBear Sitemanager

Uncheck the box at the top: "Show system tray icon for..." 

BTW I  guess this is supposed to be some nifty newdownload manager or 
something? Whatever.

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