Mark Hillary mark at no33.co.uk
Thu Feb 27 23:45:22 GMT 2003

Wow thats really nice.

On Thursday 27 Feb 2003 10:55 pm, Christoph Cullmann wrote:
> Hi,
> now the new design of www.kde.org is up online, ready for use ;)
> On some pages could be errors (missing includes, missing images, broken
> links, ..) which we don't have found until now, please report any such
> experiences to kde-www at kde.org (but please look in the archive of the
> current month before sending the mail if the problem is not allready
> reported ;). Hopefully not to much bugs will be still alive.
> For any maintainers of subpages of kde.org (like the various *.kde.org
> subdomains):
> Please take a look at the new stuff, would be nice to have the other pages
> moved over to the new design (and cvs structure) in the next months. For
> any questions: please mail kde-www or me or both ;)
> For artists:
> New logos are needed, ideas and images (perhaps better not to much ones or
> just a link to some page where we can look at them) are welcome at
> kde-www at kde.org ;)
> For users:
> Have fun.
> cu
> Christoph

Mark Hillary
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