Konqueror and java applet with <EMBED> tag

Yvan Gelinas ygelinas at sympatico.ca
Thu Feb 27 20:36:25 GMT 2003


With Konqueror I am unable to load <EMBED> tag java applet (x-java-applet) in
html file (error msg: "Unable to load Netscape Plugin ..." pointing to
the class file as indicated in the html ) but able to load the applets
with the <APPLET> tag.

On the same system, I am able to load both type of applets with Mozilla
1.1. So I assume my run time environement would be OK.

I see the same problem in RH8.0 (KDE3.0.3) or MDK9.0 (KDE3.1RC5)

Exemples of those two type of java applets and html files can be find in
the j2sdk/demo/applets/ and j2sdk/demo/plugins/ directories (SUN J2SDK).
I am using SUN j2sdk 1.4

Are there any specific for the MIME types or other settings (besides the
java location) required to load EMBED java applets?

Thanks in advance

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