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On Dienstag, 25. Februar 2003 10:57, Torsten Foertsch wrote:
> Hello
> How can I configure KMail to start a browser other than konqueror e.g.
> netscape or something like 'netscape --remote ...'?

You already found that by yourself :)
(asociating a program with text/html, having %u as one of the parameters)

> Is it possible to have netscape/mozilla start 'kmail --compose' on
> mailto: links? If yes, how?

Better ask that on a mozilla mailinglist.

> At first kmail uses konqueror to fetch the page (it emits a GET
> request). Then it determines the mime type to make a decision what
> application to start. Based on text/html it starts netscape that
> fetches the page again.

I think it doesn't use Konqueror, only kio_http, the HTTP transport of 
Actually KMail does very likely only use KRun, Ingo can surely tell you 
more details if necessary.

> But I also get mails with https links that require client certificates
> that are not installed in konqueror. Thus, the first request with
> konqueror fails and kmail says "Could not connect to host ...".

How about importing those certs in KDEs certificate store?

> What I really want is that kmail starts my script when it encounters a
> http://... or https://... link based on that pattern not on the mime
> type.

Based on the asumption that KMail uses KRun and based on the very vague 
knowledge of KRun, I guess you could register anothr protocol handler for 
http (see the .protocol files in KDEDIR/share/services)

Could be that this breaks most other KDE apps, if something not compatible 
to a KIO slave handles http request.

My suggestion is to try to enable kio_http to request the pages.


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