Problems with KDE 3.1. KMail's OpenGPG and S/MIME warnings about some GPG messages

Ingo Klöcker kloecker at
Mon Feb 24 15:53:32 GMT 2003

JW wrote:
> Some things are just preference (I hate the new "columns"  for showing
> how many messages/read messages you have) but others are more
> serious...

You know that you can turn those columns off, right? Either via the View 
menu or via the context menu of the header of the folder view.

> Humorously enough, most if not all of the messages that give me the
> OPenGPG or S/MIME warning are on the KMail developer's list :-D

That's because the KMail developers, of course, use the cool new OpenPGP 
plugin. ;-)


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