don't compile all apps in package

bfc bfc at
Fri Feb 21 14:30:50 GMT 2003

Hi (sorry about the subject, can't really describe my problem very well)

I've just installed kdelibs, kdebase and language support and I'm moving on to
the additional packages, however I don't want all the apps that comes with
some of the packages, fore example I don't want kaboodle, noatun and all the
midi stuff from the kdemultimedia package. How can i install the rest of the
apps without compiling all the unwanted stuff?
I read somewhere that setting $DO_NOT_COMPILE="app1 app2" should prevent it,
but when I got to make it still compiled it....(and I'm on an 366 mhz, so any
unneeded compiling is annoying)

I'm "using" KDE 3.1 on linux 2.4.19.

Lasse Riis

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