"run command" & "open in new window" do nasty things

Dominik Benninger d.b.mailinglists at gmx.ch
Thu Feb 13 13:43:46 GMT 2003


if I try to open a link in a new window, it opens a new window, 
but in the location field is not the domain name and the 
directories of the page, moreover there is some string like 


the pattern after the last slash differs everytime.

the same if I open a webpage from "run command". I type 
www.google.com and it opens a new window. but the same as above.  
a funny string in the location field.

I don't care about that. what realy bothers me is that konqueror 
loads just the main html file and no pictures. furthermore the 
links get converted to local relativ links.

e.g.: http://www.google.com/scripts/find?string=blabla => 

my suggestion: it looks like the command bound to "open in new 
window" is broken...

greet db

btw: my konqueror version 3.1.0
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