Compiling error in kdegraphics 3.1.0

Rainer Wirtz rainer.wirtz at
Sun Feb 9 17:04:13 GMT 2003

Am Sonntag, 9. Februar 2003 16:42 schrieb Jan Drugowitsch:

> /opt/kde is a symbolic link to /opt/kde310. But to be 100% sure I've
> changed all directories of the Makefile of [...]/kuickshow/src to
> /opt/kde310 which still gives me the same error messages. 'nm'
> clearly shows the method which is presumably undefined. What's wrong
> here?

A symbolic link should be ok. I don't know if this has anything to say, 
but when I use "nm -C |grep "NetAccess.*KURL"", the output 
differs from yours in the first row (like 0012f350 instead of 
0010efa8) and in it's sequence.
I'd try to start all over again by doing a "make -f 
admin/Makefile.common cvs-clean" in the kdelibs, kdebase and 
kdegraphics directories and compiling everything again. If this 
doesn't help, check the mailing-list archives on (they are 
searchable) and write to the kde-devel mailing-list. Chances that 
someone there can help you are higher than here.


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