Compiling error in kdegraphics 3.1.0

Rainer Wirtz rainer.wirtz at
Sun Feb 9 03:36:02 GMT 2003

Am Samstag, 8. Februar 2003 22:17 schrieb Jan Drugowitsch:
> > After downloading all kde main modules via cvs using the
> > KDE_3_1_0_RELEASE branch, I get a compiling error while trying to
> > compile kdegraphics (kdebase and kdelibs are already compiled). I
> > have checked and various mailinglists but could not
> > find any hint to this problem. As my C++ is not that good yet, I
> > would be interested to know if anyone here couldhelp me resolve
> > this problem. The error message is attached.
> [...]
> Is there either noone who has any idea how to solve this problem or
> is this the wrong mailing list? If it is the latter could anyone
> point me to the corrent one?

Well, I just compiled KDE_3_1_0_RELEASE and all went fine. From the 
command in your pervious mail, I can tell that the linker is expecting 
to find libkio (and others) in /opt/kde/lib (because of the 
-L/opt/kde/lib). Is /opt/kde your kde-directory and are your newly 
compiled libs installed there?


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