Lan Browsing Problem

JMW insocresistance at
Fri Feb 7 21:32:44 GMT 2003

Ok, long time kde user (since 1), but new member of
this list, here goes.  I've recently installed kde 3.1
release on my gentoo linux system and I'm having a
small problem with lan browsing.  I'm not sure if this
is a configuration problem or a bug. I do have the
lisa and reslisa daemons running.

Clicking on the sidebar button gives me
lan://localhost/ which shows all the computers on the
network. So far, so good.

Clicking on a computer works correctly, and it even
correctly detects which services it provides
lan://localhost/ will show me that I have a
samba share and an http server on my router.  

The problem is, when I click on the smb folder icon,
it will just show an empty folder with 
lan://localhost/ in the address bar.

However, if I manually type in 
smb:// or even smb:/ smb:/FAMILY
smb:/FAMILY/ROUTER/ to browse the workgroup, it works

Thanks for any help. I can post config files if
needed, but I'm not sure which ones are relevant...


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