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Adam Olejniczak adolf at
Thu Feb 6 11:04:51 GMT 2003

Renze de Ruiter wrote:

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>On Thu, 06 Feb 2003 23:15, Adam Olejniczak wrote:
>>Can someone tell me if its possible to set a fixed postion for app window?
>>kstart is quite usefull but cant set position for window
>>i really miss "Matchet Windows" from sawfish :((
>Right-click on the titlebar of the window (or click the Menu button on the 
>titlebar, depending on your choice of window decoration) and select "Store 
>Window Settings".
Its some kind of solution thanks, but when the window dont have title 
bar? like gkrellm?
More when i start gkrellm with kstart to skip task list and so, it dont 
want to recover its saved position, some solution is to set everything 
like i want and log out to save session, but its just some kind of 
quick-fix not real solution, especailly when log out window that i have 
have only 2 options "Log out" and "Cancel", i dont have this green guy 
picture, either Save Session CheckBox so i have to close all 
apps/windows before im going to log off if i dont want all stuff to be 
saved :((

Or when i want to start lets say kconsole from 2 diffrent icons, let say 
1 lunch it in top-left corner, second in middle of screen? tha saved 
statre will be saved for all knosoles

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