kooky icon mojo in konqueror

gabriel the.angel.gabriel at rogers.com
Wed Feb 5 14:47:29 GMT 2003

konqueror doesn't seem to be recognising my file types correctly.  if i have 
two .php files in a directory, both with plain html text inside (no actual 
php code (long story)), only ONE will have the nice "text file" icon.  the 
other will have an unknown icon.

so i did some experimentation.  i blew away the "unknown" one, copied the 
pretty one, and renamed the copy to the old ugly one -- now both are using 
the pretty icon...  until i edit the text contents and put back the text that 
was in the ugly one.  i hit F5 and konqueror refreshes...

i'm back to one pretty and one ugly....  what happend?

i'm using gentoo 1.2 with kde3.1 on an cellery 1ghz.

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